Implement your own UC Platform

If you are a product developer, we might just have the right technology module for you. We have a huge range of IOT (Internet of Things) embedded network technology, in the form of Network Processor Units (NPU) modules. These modules are designed to augment any existing physical product range, providing it with IP connectivity and allow users to monitor and control it via the LAN or Internet. The NPU modules essentially allow the transmission of Data, Audio and Video (DAV) over standard Ethernet infrastructure.Need to manage multiple NPU modules? Not a problem. That's where the Unified Convergence (UC) Platform that we have created comes in.

We have divided these devices into 2 main category, system bus devices and field bus devices. There are 3 main System Bus categories; Data, Audio and Video (D.A.V). A system may consist of all 3 of them and still be fully integrated. With the System bus in place, the system architecture can be expanded with the field bus module. We will provide all the framework, firmware and SDK Codes via our UCX Framework to aid and ultimately reduce the development time of a product


To implement this UC platform, Stream-Plus provides our UCX Framework which developers can easily make use of and implement customized systems, or a range of network based products with very little development time required. Any system fundamentally consists of a SYSTEM BUS and a FIELD BUS on which all devices are attached to. We have the protocol to govern both the SYSTEM Bus and FIELD Bus devices.
Reduce your product development time with our UCX Framework


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