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Technology Modules: Field Bus Device (FBD) : STR FBD03-AS: AirStream Mono Audio (Master)

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STR FBD03-AS: AirStream Mono Audio (Master)

  • Description

The STR FBD03-AS Wireless Mono Audio (Master) is a robust module that can be easily integrated into any existing host product. The module receives a single mono channel of analogue input and converts it into a wireless digital audio stream. The module provides 16 bit/ 44.1/48 KHz uncompressed audio streaming. It uses a number of RF channels in the 2.4GHz band for lossless audio transmission. The STR FBD03-AS is designed to be paired with the AirStream slave units, which will receive and decode the digital stream


  • Wireless distributed speaker system


  • Robust and cost effective wireless fieldbus application
  • High quality 48kHz uncompressed audio
  • Low latency audio transmission
  • Dynamic frequency selection for lossless transmission

Technical Data

RF Interface: 2.4GHz ISM Band 
Audio Input (Master): Mono Audio input
Max simultaneous channel: Single channel
Coverage distance: Aprox. 20m
Firmware: Unified Convergence (UC) Platform
Antenna: Chip Antenna
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