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Audio : STR FBD06-AS: AirStream 4.0 Channel (Master Hub)

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STR FBD06-AS: AirStream 4.0 Channel (Master Hub)

  • Description

The STR FBD06-AS AirStream 4.0 Channel (Master Hub) is a robust module that can be easily used on its own or integrated into any existing host product. The module receives USB audio and streams up to 4channels simultaneously. The module provides 16 bit/ 44.1/48 KHz uncompressed audio streaming. It uses a number of RF channels in the 2.4GHz band for lossless audio transmission. The module provides USB audio support for most major operating systems. The STR FBD06-AS is designed to be paired with 4units of AirStream slave units, which will receive and decode the digital stream


  • 4.0 Channel wireless surround sound system for PC/Laptops/Gaming Consoles


  • Robust and cost effective wireless fieldbus application
  • 4.0 (Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left and Rear Right) simultaneous wireless transmission
  • High quality 48kHz uncompressed audio
  • Low latency audio transmission for synchronized wireless audio system
  • Dynamic frequency selection for lossless transmission

Technical Data

RF Interface: 2.4GHz ISM Band 
Audio Input (Master): USB Audio Input
Max simultaneous channel: 4 channels
Coverage distance: Aprox. 20m
Firmware: Unified Convergence (UC) Platform
Antenna: Chip Antenna
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