We are supplying technology in the form of production ready modules, integrated device and system framework

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We have technology modules and a platform to distribute DAV

DAV stands for data, audio and video. Our technology module reduces the development time and cost for manufacturers. We have a platform and a range embedded network technology in the form of Network Processor Units (NPU) modules. These modules are designed to augment any existing physical product range, give it an IP address and allow users to monitor and control it via the LAN or internet.


We have a range of Network Processor Units (NPU) modules that are production ready and designed to mount into any host equipment. Plus, our modules are protocol ready and runs on our UC Platform to aid and ultimately reduce the development time of a product




System Bus Modules (Data)

System Bus Modules (Audio)

Field Bus Device (Data)

Field Bus Device (Audio)


Application examples of System Bus & Field Bus

Any system fundamentally consists of a SYSTEM BUS and a FIELD BUS on which all devices are attached to. We have the protocol to govern both the SYSTEM Bus and FIELD Bus devices. Below are some of the application examples for both System Bus and Field Bus. Click the applications to know more about it.



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