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Data : STR NLK01: NPU Learning Kit (Data)

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NPU Learning Kit

STR NLK01: NPU Learning Kit (Data)

  • Description

The NPU Learning Kit (Data) is a flexible and multiprotocol I/O development kit which bridges the physical world of field devices (sensors and activators) with the IP based system bus. The NPU Learning Kit (Data) has digital input/output pins which developers can configure as a Network based DDC. The development board also features 2 USB ports and serial communication port for control of peripheral devices. Simply connect it to a computer via a switch and with the readily available UCX framework SDK, the board is ready to be use.


  • Environmental sensor data collection and monitoring
  • Building/Home/Office automation control
  • Wireless Automation control when coupled with STR FBD01 and STR FBD02 RF Wireless I/O
  • Access Control/Door control
  • HVAC  control
  • Power management when coupled with Stream-Plus power metering devices

Technical Data

Speed: 400MHz
Memory: 128MB
FPU: Hardware
GPU: Hardware
Internal Storage: 128MB
External Storage: USB
Networking: 10/100Mbit Ethernet
Application Interface: Built-in UC Platform - Control
Digital I/O Pins: 2In, 2Out
RS 232: 1
USB Host: 3
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