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Audio : STR SBA02: Network Audio Insert

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STR SBA02: Network Audio Insert

  • Description

The STR SBA02 Network Audio Insert device is capable of encoding and decoding analogue audio into IP streams and vice versa. The module has RCA connectors for receiving analogue audio and encodes it into an IP audio stream. The unit is useful for creating a bi-directional intercom system, live paging system or any other application that requires transmission of live analogue audio via the network. With the UCX Software Framework that is sold separately, system integrators can create user Interface to control which Network Audio Extract (STR SBA01) picks up and decode the live stream from the Network Audio Insert (STR SBA02). This is particularly useful for the audio routing destination zone selection.


  • IP Paging System
  • IP Intercom System
  • Analogue audio distribution via TCP/IP infrastructure


  • In-built Unified Convergence (UC) Platform application interface control and audio platform. No additional firmware development required
  • Ready to work directly with the ACX Framework, protocol ready, on the human interface UI has to be developed
  • 2nos. Input DDC and 2nos. output DDC
  • RS 232 and USB communication port
  • Supports file pulling with storage mainly for internet and WiFi audio distribution
  • In-built internal storage

Technical Spec

Speed: 400MHz
Memory: 128MB
FPU: Hardware
GPU: Hardware
Internal Storage: 128MB
External Storage: Available via USB
Networking: 10/100Mbit Ethernet
Audio Input: RCA Connector
Audio Output: RCA Connector
Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Audio Encoding Formats: G.711 MP3
Application Interface: Built-in Unified Convergence (UC) Platform
DDC I/O: 2In, 2Out
RS 232: 1
USB Host: 2
Power Requirement: 12Vdc, 0.5A
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