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Technology Modules: Network Processor Unit (NPU) : STR NPU01: NPU Data

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  • Description

The NPU-Data module, is a flexible and multiprotocol Network I/O module which bridges the physical world with the IP based network. The NPU-Data module is available for manufacturers looking to upgrade their product enabling it to be controlled and monitored via IP compliant network.  The NPU – Data module comes with an in-built ready to use Unified Convergence (UC) Platform as its application interface. Coupled with the UCX framework SDK, the module reduces manufacturer’s development time significantly. The module is designed with product developers in mind and features 2 rows of 40pin header connectors that manufacturers can easily mount onto their own products’ PCB.


  • Distributed control systems
  • Distributed monitoring systems


  • In-built Unified Convergence (UC) Platform application interface control platform. No additional firmware development required
  • Ready to work directly with the UCX Framework
  • Protocol ready, only the human interface UI has to be developed
  • 10nos. GPIO, RS 232 and UART Communication ports
  • In-built internal storage

Technical Data

Speed: 400MHz
Memory: 128MB
FPU: Hardware Base
GPU: Hardware Base
Internal Storage: 128MB
External Storage: USB
Networking: 10/100Mbit Ethernet
Application Interface: Built-in UC Platform
Power Requirement: 3.3Vdc, 700mA
Digital GPIO: 10nos.
UART: 1nos.
RS 232: 1nos.
USB Host: 2nos.
MTBF: Min. 950000h at 40deg.
Operating Environment: 0 to +50deg.
Storage condition: 0 to +70deg; max70% relative humidity; non-condensing
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