Stream-Plus app features: IR Control

 In a typical house, you'll have so many IR remote controls such as TV Remote Control, AV System Remote Control, Air Conditioner Remote Control and Fan Remote Control. Those are just few remote controls that we think is essential in one's home. We believe that one of the important aspects of any home automation/control system is it's ability to integrate with all the IR control/ infrared control devices.

At Stream-Plus, we also believe that that it's important to have control over your surroundings. That's why we try our best to integrate those remote controls with our Stream-Plus app. We had so much fun playing around integrating our Stream-Plus app with IR Control; (but lets not to forget the heartache, sleep deprivation, headache as well as depression) just so we could share with you the outcome of our hard work!


Last modified onWednesday, 08 October 2014 09:34

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