Simple Home Automation

How great will it be to control everything just by a single tap on your mobile screen?

That’s why we are thrilled to share you our experiments. For this project, we are experimenting on controlling different kind of lights, LED panel, background music, and choosing your own mood in your house

(ex: Cozy, Bedtime, etc). The result is great! We put up some of our network processing board to use and we created an app to control the lights, speaker and LED 6panel board.

We start from controlling things at your home/house (lights, fan, etc). The possibility is endless! Still, we haven’t tried with humans so…. Good luck controlling your beloved ones on your own

Anyway, below are some of our awesome Stream-Plus products in action:

These are some of the Stream-Plus products that we use in this project:

STR NLK01: NPU Learning Kit (Data)

STR NLK01: NPU Learning Kit (Data)

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