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The aim of Stream-Plus is to be a technology provider specializing in the research and development of embedded Network technology. We at Stream-Plus believe that consumers, innovators and businesses are pushing towards connectivity and our aim is be a technological provider to allow various product developers achieve this. At Stream-Plus we have developed a Unified Convergence Platform, which we refer to as our UC Platform to allow the distribution of Data, Audio and Video (DAV) over standard Network infrastructure. We have a vision that all technological systems should be able to inter-operate seamlessly and converge as a single solution. To achieve this, Stream-Plus has been actively promoting our Unified Convergence (UC) Platform to be adopted by systems designers and manufacturers as a means of standardizing how equipment communicate amongst each other over standard network infrastructure. To implement this UC platform, Stream-Plus provides our UCX Framework which developers can easily make use of and implement customized systems, or a range of network based products with very little development time required.


We are supplying technology in the form of production ready modules, integrated device and system framework.
Our products and services caters for Manufacturers, Product developers and System integrators. At Stream-Plus we have a platform to distribute Data, Audio, Video (DAV) over standard network infrastructure. Easily embed our production ready Network Processor Unit (NPU) into your board.


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